Possibilities offered by the island for an investor.

Isla Cebaco is an ideal opportunity for visionary investors. Its natural beauty and remoteness are clearly the main attractions and will make for a unique, world-class destination for tourism.  Interested parties can develop tourism projects such as hotels, hostels, restaurants, bars with terraces, spas, fishing clubs, or perhaps schools dedicated to water and wind sports.

Cébaco is undoubtedly an excellent opportunity for investors with the vision and capability to develop a medium to large-scale tourism project. Investors will have the ability to preserve the natural beauty of the island and its many natural resources while simultaneously creating an economically viable destination that provides access and enjoyment of these same resources!

It is a true dream destination, with enough potential to exploit national and international tourism.

Attractions offered by Isla Cébaco

Isla Cébaco offers tourists endless amenities for the enjoyment of their tours, vacations and excursions.


4,586 m2


4,586 m2

Whale Watching

4,586 m2

Bird Watching

4,586 m2


4,586 m2

Guided tours

4,586 m2

Water sports

4,586 m2

Quad excursions

4,586 m2

List of species you will find in Isla Cébaco

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