The Beautiful Cébaco Island

Fascinating, imposing, and 100% tropical. Cébaco is a paradisiacal island located in the Pacific Ocean. The island is the third largest in Panama – an emerald surrounded by countless precious stones. Located south of the Province of Veraguas, 15km from the Azuero Peninsula, Cebaco boasts nearly 75km of coastline, a combination of beautiful sandy beaches and rocky bluffs overlooking the Pacific. It is a true dream destination with significant potential to attract tourism from around the world!

The 8,000-hectare island is home to a small community of about 500 inhabitants who live alongside nature, depending on small-scale agriculture, fishing, and harvesting from the forests for their livelihoods. The remainder of Cebaco maintains its virgin island spirit and is a true alternative destination for those seeking a uniquely natural experience.

Why to invest in Cébaco Island

Located in the Gulf of Montijo, within the buffer zone for the Coiba Island National Park, Cebaco is a natural jewel with endless opportunities for enjoyment and tourism. The scale of the island is unique and represents a rare opportunity for the development of a world-class ecotourism escape.

The 3,000 hectares listed for sale are ideal for the development with approximately 300 hectares of gorgeous building lots already titled and registered. The remaining land area is ideal for commercial and recreational areas and could include a runway for small planes, a marina for recreational fishing, and plenty of native forests for hiking and exploring.

Reforested areas of Cebaco Island

Eco Cébaco properties in the Island

Reforested land with native species

Eco Cébaco properties in the Island

Reforested land with native species

Lots for development in Cébaco Island

inversion de tierra

10 Lots for Development

Location of the 9 lots in Isla Cébaco

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